Keep Feeding your Passion

My first post after the new year and it’s a reflection about how I choose to balance between work and fun with regards to my  passion to create art!

Over the past years when I just got started in being a self-taught artist, there were tonnes of positive encouragement from well wishers that I should start selling my works. That’s how I got to design my own tote bags and diaries… the outcome was positive and I began receiving lots of orders. What seemed to be inspirational at the beginning started losing its spark months down the road when I was tied down with so many orders.

15 diaries with the same design replicated on each book… 10 customized tote bags with designs based on what the customer wants… and the list went on. Soon I began to burn out as I felt like a machine replicating artworks and little time for me to feed my own creativity.

When it became a business, Art can lose a little of the joy and inspiration as you won’t have the same enthusiasm for a commissioned piece as you will for something highly personal and exciting. That’s when I put ‘selling of art’ on hold and began creating my own artworks and exploring different media. I’m pleased that I got back the joy of creating my works and being more innovative henceforth.

I will definitely go back to selling my artworks once I’ve established myself further. For now, my home is my exhibit! The image below is a Coffeetable book on Mandalas created by me. My latest work and this is how I feed my passion and there are more to come.


The Triumphant Horse

My next Kalamkari inspired creation. I believe I’m better off with animals and symbols than human. Nevertheless there’s loads of room for improvement.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece and it took me 2 days to complete it, not forgetting those constant encouragement and motivation from my dearest daughter!

I dedicate this piece of artwork to her as a reminder that:

“A horse gallops with his lungs. Perseveres with his heart. And wins with his character.” – Tesio

Kalamkari – The Ancient Art of Organic Fabric Painting

Just attempted a Kalamkari inspired drawing of Radha-Krishna and added Crimson Red paint for the background.

This resplendent shade of red is what which stands out in Kalamkari paintings. I was very skeptical in the beginning to complete this piece of drawing as I was not satisfied with the features. As I researched further into the painting and drawing technique, ‘perfection’ is least emphasized and precision and the ‘eye’ for detailing is what which matters most.

Hence, I’ve decided to complete my work and am definitely going to explore more on this beautiful art technique.

The Mandala Enthusiast

Art has no age and I only became a self-taught artist after hitting the big 3! From doodling I slowly moved my way to being captivated by the world of Mandalas…

The beauty of creating Mandalas is that there is no right or wrong… make a mistake and there countless ways of rectifying it through your own creativity!

To me, Mandalas are like DNA- No one work can look exactly the same as the other and that’s how I want my gallery of Mandalas to grow… still working on it!

Here are some of my works!

To Begin With… Why choose blogging?

I have tried many blogging platforms over the years and then, as I grow older, my interests germinates along with my experiences and so does the passion. To add on, it was pretty challenging to upkeep in updating them due to my career and Motherhood.

When I say interests, it’s got to do with the language of visual arts- Zentangle, Doodle, Mandala, Indian folk art, Ancient Indian Architecture and its history and the list goes on… oh yes and did I mention the love for sarees too?

So finally here I am to think out loud, to organize my perceptions, thoughts and interests. To create and recreate art, to inspire others, not forgetting, to make the ‘Momlife’ more meaningful and awesome apart from enjoying my trips to the bathroom alone for some ‘me-time’ (Trust me, nothing is more rewarding than this).

So here I am… A mother of 2 amazing kiddos, an early childhood educator, a self taught artist and a food lover! – Welcome to my world – The Treasure Troves of Priya